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Breast Implant Removal

What Is Breast Ptosis?

Breast ptosis, commonly referred to as breast sagging, is a natural part of the aging process that many women experience at some point in their lives. It is characterized by a gradual drooping of the breasts, which can affect a woman's self-confidence and body image. Fortunately, there are effective surgical solutions to address breast ptosis, including the innovative pseudo lift, also known as a mini breast lift, performed by Dr. Khan. What Is Breast Ptosis? Breast ptosis occurs when the...
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What Is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is a common complication associated with breast implants, and it is a condition that Dr. Shaher Khan, a renowned breast explant specialist, frequently encounters. Many patients undergoing breast implant surgery assume the risk of capsular contracture is fairly low, but that’s not the case. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, one in six breast augmentation patients experience some form of capsular contracture. And many more suffer from other complications, such as breast implant illness. But what...
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Pathology Testing During Explant: A Critical Component of The Khan Procedure

Explant surgery, the removal of breast implants, is a procedure for those experiencing complications or concerns related to their implants or those who simply want to remove breast implants to avoid the symptoms of BII and gain peace of mind. Dr. Shaher Khan, a specialist in Breast Implant Illness (BII), emphasizes the importance of thorough pathology testing during explant procedures. This testing is a cornerstone of what is known as "The Khan Procedure," ensuring that patients receive comprehensive care and...
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Your Breasts Will Eventually “Fluff Out” After Breast Explant

Breast explantation, or the removal of breast implants, is a decision many women make for various reasons, from health concerns like capsular contracture and symptoms associated with breast implant illness to the desire to prevent autoimmune disorders and regain optimal health and well-being. One of the most common anxieties surrounding this procedure is the appearance of the breasts. Will they look flat? Will they ever regain their natural shape? The short answer is yes: your breasts will eventually be visited...
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Breast Implants and Autoimmune Diseases

In recent years, the debate surrounding breast implants has intensified as concerns over their health implications have come to the forefront. Breast implants have long been considered a perfectly safe means of enhancing the breasts, but it has become increasingly clear that that’s far from true. Many women with breast implants have suffered from a complex constellation of symptoms for decades while being repeatedly told there’s nothing wrong. However, it has become clear that breast implants — both saline and...
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Proper En Bloc Removal

Breast implant removal isn't just a cosmetic choice; for many individuals, it's a life-affirming decision that can profoundly impact their health. Dr. Shaher Khan, a double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Executive Plastic Surgeon, specializes in breast implant removals. He has pioneered a comprehensive approach to breast implant removal known as the 100/100/0 Rule — this technique ensures that 100% of the capsules and implant are removed 100% of the time, and 0% of the capsule is left on...
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How to Identify a Ruptured Implant

In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on the importance of understanding and considering potential complications related to breast implants. One such complication, and the focus of our discussion today, is a ruptured implant. We at Executive Plastic Surgery, under the guidance of Dr. Shaher Khan, are committed to raising awareness about these potential risks and offering specialized expertise in breast implant removal. Understanding Breast Implant Rupture A ruptured implant is a scenario where the implant's casing, whether...
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The Importance of Sending the Capsules to Pathology for Testing: Related Cancers

Breast augmentation, one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures, often raises numerous health and safety concerns. One prominent issue recently underscored by the FDA is the correlation between breast implants and an increased risk of certain cancers, such as lymphomas and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Consequently, renowned plastic surgeons like Dr. Shaher Khan from Executive Plastic Surgery have highlighted the importance of sending breast implant capsules for pathological examination. This article aims to explain the crucial role of a pathologist...
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Your Guide to En Bloc Capsulectomy

The human body is remarkably adept at self-defense. When a foreign object, such as a breast implant, is introduced into the body, it responds by creating a protective lining around it — this is known as a capsule. However, in some instances, this capsule may contribute to a variety of symptoms referred to collectively as Breast Implant Illness (BII). In such cases, En bloc capsulectomy, a specialized procedure for the removal of breast implants along with their surrounding capsules becomes...
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Recovery After Breast Implant Removal

Over time, breast implants have widely grown in popularity for women all over the world. To improve their looks and confidence, many women receive breast implants to enhance their aesthetic look. But for a number of reasons, such as health issues, unhappiness with the results, or personal choice, some women choose to have their implants removed. For many women, recovery following breast implant removal may be a major issue. In this article, we'll go over what to anticipate throughout the...
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