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Dear Dr. Khan and the Entire Surgical Team,

Words cannot adequately capture the depth of my gratitude for the exceptional care I received at your office. The journey towards healing from silicone and heavy metal toxicity caused by silicone breast implants has been arduous, but your skillful intervention has marked the crucial first step towards closing the chapter of breast implant illness (BII).

Dr. Khan, your artistry and expertise as a surgeon are truly remarkable. Your tireless advocacy for BII patients is both commendable and inspiring. Your bedside manner, coupled with your meticulous attention to detail, is a rare and invaluable blessing. In you, I found not just a doctor and surgeon, but also a scientist, nurse, advocate, and friend. Your multifaceted dedication to your patients’ well-being is unparalleled. My sincerest hope is that you find moments to care for yourself with the same devotion you extend to others, for indeed, your health is your wealth.

To Dr. Khan’s first assistant, whose name I regretfully cannot recall, thank you for your unwavering confidence and esteemed presence during my surgery. Your expertise and reassuring demeanor played a significant role in my comfort and trust throughout the procedure.

Nurse Katie, your compassionate and empathetic care from pre-op to post-op has been an incredible source of comfort. Your attention to detail and heartfelt dedication make you an irreplaceable asset to the team. Your thoughtfulness in wearing the Snoopy scrub hat just for me exemplifies the personal care you bring to your patients. Thank you for your kindness and for making my experience as positive as possible. CRNA Kirstin, your role in ensuring my safety and comfort during anesthesia was invaluable. Your professionalism and care allowed me to face the procedure with peace of mind, and I am deeply grateful for your expertise.

Finally, to Marlena and Sally, the warm and receptive office staff, your efforts in making the process of seeing an out-of-state surgeon smooth and seamless were truly appreciated. Your kindness and efficiency have made a significant difference in my experience.

To each member of the team, thank you for your dedication, compassion, and exceptional care. You have not only saved my life but have also given me hope and strength as I embark on this long journey of healing.

With deepest gratitude,

Dr. Shaher Kahn is a true blessing to this world! I had lost all hope at finding anyone in the medical community who would acknowledge that my undiagnosable autoimmune and other symptoms were related to my 29 year old recalled textured breast implants.

I found Dr. Khan through a Facebook group on breast implant illness. I was able to get a consult appointment within a couple of weeks of my first call to his office. During my consult, Dr. Khan listened to me. Not only did he listen to me, but he truly believed that my symptoms were caused by my breast implants. He is a true believer and advocate of breast implant illness! He explained that the surgery I would need to remove my breast implants would include removal of all the inflamed tissues in the enbloc fashion (total capsulectomy). Rather than performing a lift, he would remove excess skin for a more aesthetic outcome, and I would not need drains after surgery.

I waited a long 3 months to get to the OR with Dr. Khan and I am thrilled with my explant outcome and results! Dr. Khan provides his phone number to patients so we can communicate directly. His compassion and educational approach to his expert technique for breast implant removal are one of a kind. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Dr. Khan and his office staff. Thank you, Dr. Khan, for giving me a new, healthy reset in life after 28 years of breast implant illness!

Google Reviews

Starr Kelleher

Today I had a consultation in person with Doctor Kahn~This consultation was different than the half dozen I've already had. I walked out understanding what is going on with my body, details of what happens during the surgery and what I can expect post surgery. The consultation estimate is more than fair, My surgery is complicated~After meeting the doctor today, I feel a level of trust and respect has already been built~To me~that is priceless!

Julie Schwartz

Dr Khan is a highly skilled surgeon who ensures his patients have the absolute BEST results from en-bloc removal of breast implants. His technique, compassion, and knowledge will exceed your expectations. Having your breast implants removed is a scary surgery, but you can rest assured you are in the best hands with Dr Khan. His patients will back him up and the results speak for themselves.

Elizabeth Pothier

Dr. Khan removed my breast implants after having them for only a month and fully rejecting them. I experienced upwards of 30 breast implant illness symptoms after only 2 weeks. I felt like I was dying every day, and I could not function. Dr. Khan squeezed me in for explant as quickly as possible (only a week after consultation) to remove them. I was his first ever 4th surgery procedure of the day. He cared enough about my situation to stay extra late to operate on me, and I’m sure he would do the same for anyone else in need as well. He cares SO much about his patients, and it’s beyond genuine. I feel 100 times better almost 5 weeks post explant. Dr. Khan answers all of my texts extremely promptly with any questions I have, or if I’m ever just anxious about a lingering symptom. He gave me his number right away after first meet, and has been a lifesaver ever since. He’s my favorite doctor/surgeon I have ever had. I trust him with my entire life. The surgery went incredibly smoothly as well. Thank you Dr. Khan, and thank you Jennifer and Chelsea!

Nick Clew

I mashed a finger working on my motorcycle and went to urgent care. They immediately referred me to Dr. Khan and he agreed to see me right away. He kept his office open late in order to attend my injury and the attention, skill and caring given to me by Dr. Khan was just fantastic. This ranks as one of the best medical experiences I have ever had.

Donna Woodring

Went and had a consultation with Dr. Khan. He was very professional answered all my questions. He will make the corrections from another surgeons botched surgery. This is why you always go to a board certified plastic surgeon and do your research!

Laniece Maclin

I was referred by Dr. Cox and urgent care physician when injured at work. Dr. Shaker W. Khan educated me, attentive to my needs, showed empathy and my surgery was a success! I am extremely thankful for him and his staff for their professionalism, friendly, clean, and informative.


Dr. Khan is the most honest, up front and caring doctor I have ever met. In January of 2020, he saved my life by removing my Mentor saline breast implants. His honesty about the danger of breast implants, the importance of a proper en bloc and commitment to 100% removal of the capsule - we need more doctors like him. He puts his patients health before profits. I have never had such respect for a doctor as I do Dr. Khan. His attention to his patients and the time he dedicates to each one is why I'm feeling better every day. He gave me, me back. I truly love Dr. Khan and couldn't say enough good about him. He's a beautiful soul.

Elizabeth Guglielmetti

I consulted with other physicians before meeting with Dr. Khan. Within five minutes, I knew Dr. Khan was the right surgeon for me! Dr. Khan is very attentive, thorough, knowledgeable, compassionate and more. He takes the time to listen and to explain the procedure at hand. His outstanding demeanor didn't end when I left his operating room; he follows his patients with rechecks, texts, phone calls - however is deemed appropriate to ensure their healing process continues and is complete. I am truly thankful I found Dr. Khan and am not surprised to learn that so many travel from outside of Michigan to seek his surgical services.

Sherry Hall

Dr Khan is so genuine and full of knowledge. I love how he sticks up for us women. I highly recommend him hands down. I wish he was my PCP. His whole team is just awesome. Thank you Jennifer for all your help. You're amazing too! This team gets 5 Stars all the way! May God bless you all! 🙏💗

Larraine Keenum

Dr. Khan and staff are amazing. Just the best. They treat you like their best friend. So loving and caring.

Lisa Pardo

I love Dr. Khan! I had surgery just on 10/15/18 and am not fully healed yet but I could not be happier! He has great bed side manner. He is attentive to your issues and questions. He takes his time with you and his work is maticulous! My incisions are so nice and clean! He is a stupendous doctor and surgeon! I would allow him to be my surgeon again if needed, no doubt about it! Dr Khan you are fantastic! GOD bless you and thank you!

Lisa Gutierrez

One of the most caring surgeons you’ll ever meet.

RealSelf Reviews


I found Dr. Khan from a podcast he was interviewed on. I couldn’t believe how passionate and dedicated he was to the patients well-being. He called me personally for my consult and answered all my questions. I felt very safe with him and trusted him 100% with my life. I had 12yr old implants and flew across the country to see him. So thankful I did because I had a silent rupture and he safely and meticulously removed it. I can sleep at night knowing he removed all my capsules and I will have the greatest opportunity to restore my health.

Haley G.

Best Experience Possible - I felt comfortable and understood
Dr. Khan was absolutely amazing to work with. I am so happy I chose him for my removal procedure. He listens, takes his time to explain everything thoroughly and answer your questions. He is easy to get in touch with for questions and his office staff are friendly and easy to work with. He has an open-door policy with previous patients and is genuinely invested in improving health outcomes. I felt comfortable and understood. I cannot recommend him enough, I had the best possible experience.

Soni D.

Breast explant with Dr. Khan!
Dr. Khan is the! I chose Dr. Khan for explant surgery because of his dedication to making sure that the whole capsule and all of the inflamed tissue is removed giving me the absolute best possible chance to recover from Breast Implant Illness. Dr. Khan is wide open and shares so much that you can't help but to believe that he puts the patient's safety first. I also chose Dr. Khan for the fact that he does not use drains. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and I'm healing up nicely without drains! Dr. Khan is also very personable and easy to talk to! I found his staff to be very friendly, professional and they know what they are doing! What is there not to love?

Kristin S.

This Was the Best Decision! I would absolutely choose him again!
… He is a highly skilled microsurgeon/plastic surgeon, very ethical, and truly takes the oath of "do no harm" seriously and personally. I travelled from Utah to Michigan for this surgery. His team was amazing and has always been very responsive and kind. He even gives each patient his personal cell phone number to reach out with any questions or concerns…


My experience has been outstanding and I truly feel, life saving
…Dr. Khan is an expert at breast removal and total capsulectomy. The knowledge he shared with me has been invaluable. Dr. Khan is very thorough explaining the process. Dr. Khan will not rush through your appointments. He is happy to answer any questions you have and he has a wonderful bedside manner…

Lisa A.

He is the only Doctor I would trust when it comes to Breast Implant Illness
I traveled from NYC for my explant. Dr. Khan is methodical. He is the only Doctor I would trust when dealing with Breast Implant Illness. There is a reason women travel from all over the world to have this procedure done with him. He is the only surgeon I would recommend to remove implants.


34 Yr.old Breast Implants, En Bloc Removal
…I have been very impressed with Dr. Khan. He is the epitome of professionalism , 100% accessible and meticulous in his execution. He only does explants and truly believes implants cause illness…


I write to the breast cancer survivor who received reconstruction with implants. We were duped. Get them out. I am fortunate enough to live in Michigan, but I would have traveled from anywhere to have this procedure with Dr. Khan. I had been released from my original breast surgeon who performed my mastectomy in 2017. My plastic surgeon offered no follow-up. Had I not opted for implant removal with Dr. Khan who insists on sending everything to pathology, I would not have known that my DCIS had returned -- this time in the "spared" nipple. Dr. Khan is cleaning up the work of so many ill-informed surgeons who are doing harm. He is thorough and believes in the removal of the full capsule. Not all surgeons believe in this, and several women, realizing their mistake when their BII symptoms return, travel to Dr. Khan to finally have it done right. (Take a peak at his Facebook support group page.) He is passionate about women's health and passionate about changing the system. He is also kind and compassionate and spends so much time with each patient. And his work is skillful. Who knew I would be so happy flat? If I could give him ten stars, I would. Do not delay.


Dr. Khan is absolutely amazing his expertise is above and beyond! He connects with you on a personal level, and hears you out on all your concerns and questions. He doesn't make you feel unheard or uncared for, he gives you a great explanation of exactly what he will be doing. He gets in tune with your health and well-being what a phenomenal surgeon one of a kind. Very descriptive about procedure and has a very uplifting spirit. Definitely will be recommending to other women. Thank you Dr. Khan


This review is for a consult only.

I had a second opinion with Dr. Khan 10 wks post op for an explant (breast implant removal) with another surgeon. He was very thorough, explaining I am healing well, but seeing the issues I see, and WHY he does things differently than most surgeons (like not cutting through breast tissue and muscle or areola adjustments.)

Dr. Khan is incredibly smart, and I’m so thankful he is so close by. He encouraged me to keep healing and we will see where I’m at in a few months and that in plastic surgery, things can always be improved and made better.

I have confidence he can help me so I look forward to continuing to see him as I heal and seeing his recommendations on what to do if and when I need things corrected in 8-9 months.

I wish I would have consulted with him first, but now I am past that and hope he can help me!

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