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What is breast implant removal?

Breast implant removal is a surgery to remove breast implants. Breast implants are not meant to last a lifetime, and complications arising from breast implants may necessitate removal. Some of the complications of breast implants include a ruptured or deflated implant, visible wrinkling or rippling of the implant, hardening of the implant, reactions to the implant, uneven appearance of breasts, persistent breast pain, breast implant illness, and more. Breast explant or removal is an important procedure in many situations.

Breast Explants are a vital procedure to address complications arising from breast implants, such as rupture, wrinkling, and implant-related health concerns. While intended to enhance confidence, breast implant surgery may not always achieve desired outcomes. In such cases, removal or en bloc procedures become necessary, with women opting for explantation to improve both aesthetics and overall health. If your implants negatively affect your health, you may need an explant surgeon in Bloomfield Township to remove the implant to improve your health.

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Dr. Khan doesn’t put breast implants in; he only removes them.

Since 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has received more than 350,000 incident reports involving breast implants. France has even gone so far as to ban macro-textured and polyurethane implants over cancer concerns. On average and without complications, implants last about eight to ten years before you need to have the breast implants removed.

In that time, you may have additional surgeries to remove or replace implants, treat implant leakage, or treat other complications arising from breast implants. These surgeries are exhausting to the body, expensive, and emotionally draining.

Dr. Khan is an explant specialist and breast implant illness advocate who effectively specializes in breast implant removal. With a commitment to minimizing risks, he does not perform breast implant surgeries. For those considering breast implant removal, Dr. Khan conducts comprehensive evaluations and develops personalized strategies. To explore options for aesthetic or health-related reasons, schedule a consultation with Dr. Khan, a trusted explant surgeon in Bloomfield Township. Your well-being is his top priority.

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Reasons to consider breast implant removal:

  • Capsular contracture — hardened breast tissue
  • Leaking of the filler material due to the implant rupturing or deflating because of holes or tears on the surface of the implant
  • Malposition — implant has shifted out of place
  • Rippling or wrinkling of the breast tissue
  • Calcification — this occurs when calcium builds up around the implant
  • Misshapen chest wall because of the breast implant
  • Extrusion — skin breakdown allows for the implant to break through
  • Hematoma — blood clot formation because of the implant
  • Serum — fluid collection around the breast implant
  • Atrophy of the breast tissue
  • Thinning or shrinkage of the breast tissue
  • Breast pain because of delayed wound healing
  • Signs of infections around the implant
  • Signs and symptoms of breast implant illness
  • Other personal or aesthetic reasons

What are the types of breast implant removal?

Breast implant removal can be performed using numerous techniques, depending on your unique condition and goals. Dr. Khan will conduct a thorough evaluation, review your health history, ask about your symptoms and concerns, and weigh the pros and cons of each breast explant surgery in Bloomfield Township. After a thorough evaluation, he may recommend total capsulectomy, en bloc capsulectomy, or a combination of the two procedures.

Straightforward Removal (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Straightforward Removal involves the removal of an implant without any additional steps. This implant removal technique is generally offered by surgeons who don’t believe in breast implant illness or those who aren’t board-certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Khan never performs this type of breast implant removal.

Total Capsulectomy

Total capsulectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the complete implant and the capsular tissues, i.e., the scar tissues formed around the implant. This procedure involves removing the implant separately from the scar tissue, so an incision is usually made in the implant capsule.

En Bloc Capsulectomy

En bloc capsulectomy is the gold standard in breast implant removal techniques. This procedure involves removing the breast implant and the scar tissues in one block without opening up the capsule, so it’s much safer. Dr. Khan is a specialist in breast explant surgery in Bloomfield Township.

Why choose Dr. Khan?

Seeking the expertise of an experienced explant surgeon is crucial for individuals with breast implant illness or those considering breast implant removal. Dr. Shaher Khan is a breast implant illness advocate and explant surgeon in Bloomfield Township. He never offers breast implant surgeries because the risks are too high. Even when it comes to breast implant removal, he performs a thorough evaluation and curates personalized strategies for removal. If you’re considering breast implant removal for aesthetic or health reasons, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Khan, an explant surgeon in Bloomfield Township.

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