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Breast Implant Removal

Proper En Bloc Removal

Breast implant removal isn’t just a cosmetic choice; for many individuals, it’s a life-affirming decision that can profoundly impact their health. Dr. Shaher Khan, a double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Executive Plastic Surgeon, specializes in breast implant removals. He has pioneered a comprehensive approach to breast implant removal known as the 100/100/0 Rule — this technique ensures that 100% of the capsules and implant are removed 100% of the time, and 0% of the capsule is left on the chest wall.

In this article, we explore why proper en bloc removal is crucial, the significance of removing 100% of the capsule and implant, and the unique features of The Khan Procedure.

A Life-Affirming Procedure

For the longest time, women who underwent breast implant surgeries had no idea of their real risks and implications. Countless women suffered from a variety of symptoms for decades without relief. However, as awareness of breast implant illness (BII) has grown, many have chosen to reclaim their health by removing breast implants. Others choose to remove breast implants to address complications, for cosmetic reasons, or as a preventative measure.

Breast implant removal can be a life-affirming procedure, allowing you to regain control of your body and overall well-being. Dr. Khan understands the transformative power of this decision and offers compassionate care to all patients, regardless of age or background.

Why 100% Capsule & Implant Removal Is Essential

When considering implant removal, you must prioritize the complete removal of the implant and its surrounding capsule. The capsule is a thin layer of scar tissue that naturally forms around implants, and it can lead to numerous health risks and complications. Dr. Khan removes 100% of the capsule and implant, leaving zero capsule remnants on the chest wall.

Dr. Khan’s Approach: The 100/100/0 Rule

Dr. Khan’s approach to breast implant removal is guided by his groundbreaking Khan Procedure, which involves removing the entire breast implant and capsule as one unit. This method is also known as an en bloc surgery or a 100% total capsulectomy. Dr. Khan calls it the 100/100/0 Rule because it ensures that 100% of the capsule and implant are removed 100% of the time and 0% of the capsule is left in the chest wall.

Features Of The Khan Procedure:

  • No Drains Required: Dr. Khan’s technique eliminates the need for post-surgery drainage tubes, enhancing patient comfort and simplifying recovery.
  • No Lift at Time of Explant: Dr. Khan doesn’t perform a breast lift at the time of the breast implant removal, which minimizes the associated risks and improves recovery.
  • Thorough Pathology Analysis: 100% of removed capsules are sent for CD30 analysis, a crucial step to rule out cancer and provide patients with peace of mind about their health.
  • Microbiology Testing: Dr. Khan sends 100% of cultures to microbiology for testing, including aerobic, anaerobic, and fungal analyses, to rule out bacterial or fungal presence.
  • Implant Return: Patients receive their removed implants, adding a tangible sense of closure to their breast implant journey and decisions.
  • Twilight Anesthesia: Dr. Khan prioritizes patient comfort and safety by utilizing twilight anesthesia and deep sedation techniques, minimizing discomfort and anxiety.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Throughout surgery, photographs are taken of the implant, capsule, and chest wall, so you can rest assured that 0% of the capsule is left behind.

Consult Dr. Khan, Your Breast Explant Specialist

Dr. Khan is committed to offering the same high-quality surgical approach to all patients, regardless of age. The rule of thumb is for the implant and capsule to be removed as a single unit, guaranteeing 100% total capsulectomy. Dr. Khan’s pioneering 100/100/0 Rule ensures the entire capsule is removed without any remnants. Please schedule your consultation with Dr. Khan to understand more about breast explant surgery in Bloomfield Township.

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