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What to expect from the Scar Revision procedure

Auto accidents can be a painful and frightening experience. At the Executive Plastic Surgery Center, we want to be there for you to help make one part of the process a little easier.

Car accidents can lead to broken bones, scars, burns, and for some, more serious injuries. Many of these injuries leave a scar. The severity of the scars can vary greatly. If doctors do not remove the stitches around a soon-to-be scar before the top layer of skin heals, you may have indentations in your skin permanently. In other cases, your skin can have dimples or you’ll find it uneven near scarring. All of these are somewhat common scars that can be revised at the Executive Plastic Surgery Center. Whether you would like your scar revised for cosmetic or functional reasons, Dr. Khan can help.

While we must urge you to understand no scar can be completely removed, revision surgery can make them less noticeable or less painful. For some, you may have scar tissue that interferes with your ability to move your muscles freely. For others, you may find the scar unattractive or it reminds you of the trauma that comes with an auto accident. No matter your reason, Dr. Khan can help reduce the scar tissue, reposition the scar, or smoothen your uneven skin—offering you a refreshed confidence in your body.

The Auto Scar Revision Procedure

The scar revision procedures can vary depending on the severity of the scarring and the amount of scar tissue. You will discuss a plan with Dr. Khan before the surgery, discussing your best procedural options, considering the size, depth, placement, and the healthiness of the surrounding skin tissue. In many cases, local anesthetic can be used to numb the area and perform the surgery. In some more serious cases, Dr. Khan may find it best to use general anesthesia.

With either case, Dr. Khan will create an incision along the scar line and remove excess scar tissue from the area. Next, if a simple procedure, he will tightly stitch up the skin and you’ll be able to leave.  For others, he may reposition the skin, pulling it to a different area than the original scar. This is especially a technique that may be used for facial scars, choosing to pull the scar into the natural creases of the body, so it is less noticeable. In specific cases where the skin is uneven or deflated, he may need to inject fat from a different part of your body to fill in the area. In all cases, Dr. Khan will then stitch up the skin precisely and carefully. Then, the area will be dressed in bandages and you will be cleared to leave.


If a long or complex procedure, you may receive a prescription for managing pain. If not, the Executive Plastic Surgery Center team will give you information on how often to change your bandages, how to control any pain, and set up an appointment for about a week later to check in on the incision and remove any stitches if they were not dissolvable.

For a couple weeks, some swelling and discomfort is normal. Though, if you experience any serious or consistent pain, call the office and set up an appointment to be sure all is healing correctly. After about 1-2 months, you’ll find that the skin around your scar is healing and starting to match the surrounding areas. Some scars can take many months to even a year to completely heal, though if it is small it should take less time. Be sure to stay in contact and stay up to date with your follow up appointments with our team to be sure your scar heals the way it should.

Contact Dr. Khan To Discuss your Options for Auto Accident Scar Revision Surgery

Please never assume anything about a medical procedure. Ask lots of questions and pay attention to the answers. It is imperative that you receive qualified medical advice about any plastic surgery procedure. You should discuss your health needs at every stage of the process from the initial consultation all the way through recovery.

An initial consultation with Dr. Shaher W. Khan (M.D.) will offer you an opportunity to chat about any and all of the questions you have about the process and the surgeries we offer. Dr. Khan serves the entire Detroit metro area. Call 734-419-1615 to get started finding the right course of treatment for your scarring condition.


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